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What does fashion have to do with anything? When you think of it in real terms, fashion (as art) has to do with everything. I’ll call it the amalgam society issue. Ok, let’s remember when art was whatever the church said it was a.k.a. where the power was concentrated said it was. Well, there it is, guess where the power is located now?

I’ll introduce him to you:

Capitalism —— Hey, I might seem corrupt, I might seem comfortable, in different ends I’m both.

We cannot see fashion without seeing a multi-million-dollar industry or art without seeing a massive bubble market, whatever that means.

Now, where does fashion proliferate the most? Social media right? Social media is guilty of the turn from a small circle of people in Paris to just Streetsyle, basically everywhere. It’s only normal cause Social media is Capitalism’s bitch and the other way around, although I have that strange feeling that someday in the past SM gave to us all a glimpse of hope revealing topics like mental health and fitness, seemingly beneficial topics for humanity.

God forbid I’ll ever condemn social media, taking sides is dangerous, regret would bite me down. But to me criticism is crucial, criticism is to my life what a cloud is to the sun, it can change the panoramic for complete.

Anyway, fashion reflects every step society takes, either toward the search of authenticity or either to the constantly increasing desire to accumulate wealth, which in some cases means destroying the environment or having slave employees. Now you see? Two sides of the coin, but if superficiality, frivolity, ambition and evil exist, fashion is not the one to blame.

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