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Spectacle Roti

Spectacle Roti

Spectacle Rôti: Shifting Fashion Universes

the project “Spectacle Rôti” WAS developed in the months of December/2015 and January/2016 between the cities of Paris and London. The project consists of a film of approximately 2 minutes of duration, in which there is a transformation from a completely physical presence of the film elements such as the individual, the clothes and the environmental space to a more digitally manipulated environment. 

Furthermore, the deductions after completing the conceptual film “Spectacle Rôti” are: reality can be created in layers of knowledge or epistemes (Foucault quoted in Inglis, 2005) that will conduct to a more controlled reality, where also the instability is present and leads to what I would call Hyper-Hyper reality[1] where there is a vertigo of images but sense is not lost. Correspondingly, manipulated reality in media contains signs that act as metaphors, for example, gold or “chateaus” for exuberant fashion traditions, or else, the sea and landscapes for “freedom”. Secondly, as one of the purposes of fashion discourses is to create an enhanced reality far from routine or every day, the film has intended to enhance the images captured from the camera by, what I would consider, an intellectual, artistic-focused practice for a fashion film. This functions under the personal support to the idea that designers or creators of discourses further from dominant metanarratives are the ones that endeavour to develop and generate new discourses that construct a critique to central ones. Outside of the contemporary episteme, “power can be productive, it can create and not only repress” (Foucault quoted in Inglis, 2005). Last of all, what can be evaluated from my personal experience watching the finished film is that it turned out to be successful in the choice of contrasting signs and digital means to illustrate the discussed concepts in moving image. However, the pertinence of the images will be only evaluated by the audience interpretations of what the film transmits them as a feeling more than a purpose.


[1] Drawing from Baudrillard’s concept of hyperreality.

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